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June 6, 2011

Why Apple is Bigger than WINTEL ( Intel+ Windows)

[image credit: Brett Jordan via Flickr]

As Apple prepares to announce its next series of innovations at its World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, the company closed the week on the NASDAQ with a stock price of $343.38, which means the public values the company at $317.6 billion (what Wall Street calls “market capitalization” or “market cap”).

Meanwhile, Microsoft finished the week with a market cap of $201.59 billion and Intel closed at $115.21 billion.  That is  in short " The real  Story of thje Headline ". The combined market value of Microsoft and Intel = $316.8 billion. Apple is now worth more than Wintel.

In a Blog post at MacDailyNews crunched some numbers when the market closed  Friday and found that Apple's market value is now worth more than Intel and Microsoft combined.Here's where everything closed:

  • Microsoft (MSFT): $201.59 billion
  • Intel (INTC): $115.21 billion
  • Apple (AAPL): $317.60 billion

Add "Wintel" up and that comes to $316.8 billion versus Apple's $317.6.

This is a sweet revenge " for Apple" specially for Steve Jobs,  Apple must not have forgotten the the 1990s, when Microsoft Windows + Intel combo nearly drove Apple out of business. MacDailyNews, which first pointed out this development on Friday when the market closed, dug up this quote from June 1998 from Bill Gates: ”What I can’t figure out is why he [Steve Jobs] is even trying [to be the CEO of Apple]. He knows he can’t win.”

That was a good 2 decades ago, when the Tablet was nowhere near " our Civilization" and  Pads were meant to be something else ..... ! The  Mobile Phone was  still under " evolution" and smartphones were not something that generation was used to.

Today 2011, Microsoft and Intel still exists, but iPhone and iPads have made Apple " one of the biggest Consumer Electronics" Giant..

On February 19, 1987, Apple registered the "" domain name, making it one of the first hundred companies to register a .com address on the nascent Internet