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June 25, 2011

" Social Web Consumer" Behavior: Emerging Patterns

Latest Research from GlobalWebIndex has revealed  some fascinating a trends in the consumer adoption of the internet,  some of which is  explained  in the above datagraphic illustration
Social media has reached mass maturity. Today it’s no longer about massive growth but a tectonic shift  of  social consumers to ‘real-time’ technologies, such as status updates or tweets. The  social media, from 2011 onwards will not just be  defined by blogs and forums, but it is being surpassed, moving the impact of social media,  which includes ‘real-time’  re-orientating consumers from creator to distributor and moving the focus to traditional media and professional content.

The open browser-based web is losing out to packaged internet platforms such as mobile apps, internet connected TVs, tablets, e-readers, pc apps, gaming and video platforms. These packaged platforms are re-engineering the internet and destroying the notion of the internet being a singular entity.

Crucially for the entertainment revolution, they provide professional media with the means to create sustainable internet business models, something the economics of the browser-based web totally failed to enable.

Professional “traditional style” content is now a core part of the consumer online experience. Internet platforms, for hundreds of millions of consumers, are increasingly the entertainment platform of choice. This is due to continual growth of professional content in video sites (legal and illegal), the rise of ‘real-time’, and the growth of packaged platforms.

source : Global WebIndex