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June 16, 2011

The State of Mobile OS : Historical and Present Marketshare

Historical Smartphone OS Marketshare Comparison

Smartphone OS comparison

With the release of the iPhone in 2007, Apple significantly disrupted the mobile industry and ushered in a new era of smartphone operating systems that focus on user experience and rely on touch-based interaction. In November 2007,Google formed the Open Handset Alliance with 79 other hardware, software, and telecom companies to make inroads into the smartphone market through its new Android operating system

Facts About Mobile Usage in US
The most common operating systems (OS) used in smartphones by Q3 2010 sales are:
  • The Symbian eOS and its successor Symbian platform from the Symbian Foundation (36.6% Market Share Sales Q3 2010)
  • Android from Google Inc. (25.5% Market Share Sales Q3 2010)
  • Windows Phone from Microsoft (4% Market Share Sales in October 2010
  • MeeGo from Nokia and Intel (open source, GPL)
  • Brew OS from Qualcomm
  • iOS from Apple Inc. (16.7% Market Share Sales Q3 2010) (closed source, proprietary) (open source, Apache)
  • RIM BlackBerry OS (14.8% Market Share Sales Q3 2010) (closed source, proprietary)
  • Linux operating system (open source, GPL) (2.1% Market Share Sales Q3 2010, non-Android Linux-based OS's only
  • webOS from HP (certain parts open sourced)
  • Bada from Samsung Electronics (closed source, proprietary)