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June 18, 2011

Tablet Usage in Canada : 40% CIO's Plan to Buy One

With the business world being reshaped by mobile technologies, companies are moving to embrace the highly portable, Internet-linked tablet computer. A recent survey produced a stunning number: 40 percent of CIOs in Canada plan to increase their use of tablets within their companies over the next two years.

Developed by Robert Half Technology and conducted by an independent research firm, nearly 300 CIOs from medium-sized businesses were interviewed in this survey—one which speaks to the future mobility of enterprise communications and activity.More organizations are discovering that tablet computers offer yet another way to increase employee mobility, while maintaining and even improving productivity|

Few tablet makers are preparing for this high adoption rate in the enterprise space. Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook is an exception. This tech-spec savvy tablet is designed from the core for enterprise use, and, akin to how RIM's BlackBerry pioneered the first mobile enterprise revolution, may take charge of this one too. The key difference here, however, is that there are many more serious competitors out of the gate.|

Source: Techvibes