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June 20, 2011

Top 10 Social Media Brands Spends and Ranking

Ad Age asked social-media tracker Infegy to examine the sentiment of online conversations around the top 200 megabrands as ranked by 2010 expenditures in measured media.

The top 200 megabrands by category,  are scaled by measured media spending for 2010 and color-coded to the 1-year growth in ad spend. By Clicking  on a category to see the brands within that segment.  The size of the squares determine the social media spends. Ther Biggest the  Size the bigger the SM spends ( source Adage Leading National Advertiser.


In the Retail   Space, Walmart, Target and Home depot are the Biggest Spenders on Social Media

Among The Auto Giants, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota are the biggest spenders on Social Media

Infegy tracks posts on 40 million online sources including blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other networks and analyzes the sentiment of the brand references. Infegy's system looks both at the overall tone of a post and also the references within the post.. So a post such as "I love my Apple iPhone. Despite its dropped calls it's the best phone out there," would count as a positive post with one negative and two positive references.

Below are the Lists which was compiled by  Adage  which shows  the 
Top 10  Brands   by their Social Media  Spending and  their Ranking

This chart shows the Social Media Volumes ( Social Media Buzz generated) Apple for their iPad/Ipad 2/iPhone and Amazon for their Kindle  are most likely to have  generated a  lot of consumer feedback along with  very strong  social buzz across " Socail networking/Blogs/

Not surprisingly, the technology brands score highly overall, partially based on the volume of posts they receive -- people love to use technology to talk about technology. High volume isn't enough to put you on top. There is such a thing as bad online publicity as BP, Toyota and Visa demonstrate.
Consumer-technology brands such as Canon lead in article positivity -- they often get dinged in reference scores because even positive reviews tend to include some negative comments. Pharmaceuticals, banks and BP lag at the bottom of both scores.

When you drill deeper into the reference positivity, cosmetic and personal-care brands dominate the top 10. There are brands that people talk about, but don't usually have negative comments about.

data charts source : Advertising Age( Adage)