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June 15, 2011

Top 100 Social Brands :Dell, Nike and Starbucks Tops

The Industry Breakup of the Top 100 Most Social Companies

Social Brands 100 average sector scores

Top 100 Social Brands

The Social Brands  Website has " launched  The Top 100 table that has ranked the top 100 social media brands and published some key insights on how Companies are using the social Power of The web to influence key decision makers.

The Social Brands 100 has found that 99% of the brands in its ranking are active on Twitter, making it the most popular online outpost for social brands. No real surprise. It is in many ways the easiest to get going on. Not necessarily to do well though.

The survey, which ranked brands based on their ability to engage with connected communities, found geo-location outposts are not yet integrated into the social mix with only 22% of the ranked brands using the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla. More interesting still is that 45% of those who have started these using these services are now inactive.

The Truth is that social media has disrupted branding, andhas passed on the Brand ownership to users .. and not companies. Earlier it was the brand that controlled users. Today its the users that can make and break a brand . It has more than a changed communications environment and some new technology; it’s a profound change in collective behavior

The Social Brands 100 survey was conducted by Headstream over a three month period from November 2010 when nominations were crowdsourced on Twitter.

The Social Brands 100 was compiled over a period of three months with the contribution of an external panel of social experts drawn from business, academia, media and communications, and Brandwatch, the social media analytics data provider.

Researchers quantitatively evaluated a whopping 30,000 tweets, posts, comments and likes and an independent panel of experts scored each brand and social media monitoring partner Brandwatch provided social media data analytics.