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June 8, 2011

U.S. Mobile Display Advertisers Grows By 128%

Percent of Advertised Categories via Mobile Display Advertising*
3 Month Avg. Ending Mar. 2011
Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers Ages 13+
Source: comScore Ad Metrix Mobile
  % of Advertised Categories
Mobile Content and Publishing 50%
Consumer Discretionary 26%
Information Technology 7%
Financials 6%
Telecommunication Services 5%
Consumer Staples 3%
Industrials 2%
Other 1%

Smartphone and Feature Phone Service Penetration
3 Month Avg. Ending Mar. 2011

Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers Ages 13+

Source: comScore MobiLens
% of Mobile Phone Users
  Feature Phone Smartphone
Used Browser 19.1% 82.3%
Used App** 15.9% 85.0%
Saw Ad on Web/In App 5.0% 27.5%
Responded to SMS ad 3.5% 7.7%

Mobile Content and Publishing Accounts for Half of All Mobile Display Ads

According to Comscore In April 2011, 689 advertisers* used mobile display advertising campaigns to reach consumers, up 128 percent from two years prior, demonstrating the growing use of the mobile channel for advertisers. An analysis of advertised categories revealed that mobile content and publishing accounted for 50 percent of mobile ads, while 26 percent of display advertisements were for consumer discretionary goods. Information technology accounted for 7 percent, while financial services accounted for 6 percent of mobile display ads.

Smartphones Critical to Mobile Advertising Opportunity
Mobile media usage and mobile ad exposure show strong differences between smartphone users and feature phone users. More than 80 percent of smartphone users accessed their mobile browser (82.3 percent) or applications (85.0 percent) during March, while just 19.1 percent of feature phone users utilized their mobile browser and 15.9 percent accessed apps. Smartphone users were also far more likely to see web or in app ads (27.5 percent vs. 5.0 percent) due to their heavier usage of mobile browsers and applications and were also more likely to respond to SMS ads (7.7 percent vs. 3.5 percent).

With 31 percent of mobile users now owning a smartphone device, up from just 20 percent a year ago, the opportunity to reach consumers through the mobile channel continues to improve.