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July 25, 2011

Facebook Commerce : What Sells Most on Facebook

Facebook Commerce is set to explode in a very big way . According to Socialinfluence " social commerce will top $30 billion globally by 2015 with Facebook-generated sales one of the primary drivers.

Social Media Influence has created this infographic which reflects on the past two years of Facebook commerce (known as “F-commerce“).

Among some of the Highlights in the research
  • The number of shoppers from Facebook adding products to a cart is 3X the average.
  • 67% of shoppers spend more when they have received a recommendation from their online community of friends.
  • Just 11% of the surveyed UK customers have bought something from Facebook.
  • Only 8% of retailer Facebook pages are able to accept transactions.
The infographic on the Facebook Sweetspot, What products do well on Facebook from socialcommercetoday shows what kind of " products: would do very well on Facebook.

  • High Price’ categories – including computers, vacations, autos
  • Interest’ categories – for which there is a high level of category engagement – such as professional, hobby, beauty, fashion and sports purchases
  • Experiential’ categories – such as media and entertainment (movies, gaming, music, TV, books), restaurants and events
  • Service’ categories – where products are intangible – such as financial services, professional services, telecoms and travel services