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July 14, 2011

iPad Traffic Vs Android Traffic;

A little more than a year after its launch and the Apple iPad has already positioned itself as a leader in the tablet market, due largely in part to its vast array of apps which today topped 100,000.  Six months ago, Chitika predicted in this article that the iPad would generate 2.3% of all internet traffic by December, 2011.  Knowing this, Chitika Insights decided to take a look at the various US and Canadian traffic patterns of our various mobile platforms versus desktop platforms, to analyze what percentage of our traffic generated comes from a search engine.

While all mobile platforms are search engine friendly, iPhone has a clear edge with over 60% of their impressions coming from a search engine; a 22% advantage over Android and a 10% edge on its iOS sibling, iPad. Also importantly, the average iPhone impression is twice as likely to originate from a search engine than the average Desktop impression.

Source : Chitika