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July 27, 2011

Mobile Apps Vs McDonald's Burgers: Which Sells More

When Apple announced  in June,2011 that its App Store had reached 15 billion app downloads after 3 years of operation. Most industry analysts started comparing its growth rate with with McDonald's Burgers. The question that was asked frequently was is that faster or slower than the Gold Standard for Incredible Growth, McDonald’s hamburgers?

By Contrasts t took McDonald's 26 years to serve the same number of burgers as the number of apps that have been downloaded from the App Store, and it took the fast food restaurant an additional 20 years to hit 100 billion burgers. 

After 3 years the App Store had surpassed 15 billion downloads thanks to more than 200 million iOS users. By comparison, Google's Android Market hit 4.5 billion downloads in June.

ZDNet's Eric Lai published  an infographic to show how the growth of Google's Android Market and Apple's App Store compare to what he called the "Gold Standard for Incredible Growth, McDonald's hamburgers

The iconic golden arches come stamped with the phrase "billions and billions served." The signs used to include a number, which Lai says McDonalds stopped updated in 1994 when it reached 100 billion burgers.