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July 9, 2011

The Social Web Battle : Google + Vs Facebook :

The day Google+ was announced with Hangouts  it was time for  Facebook launch an all out war on Google by launching  the video chat feature. And yesterday Facebook announced the launch of Video chat in partnership with Skype.

Both the Social networks have lot of features in common at the same time each one has some unique strengths as well. For eg. Facebook has Pages for brands which are presently now available for Google+, although executives at Google commented on it and said they are working hard to get something like that soon.
Comparing the major Social networks, folks at Techno Bombs created a nice Infographic which was later edited by The Tech Addicts.

One of Facebook’s clearest weaknesses is its privacy practices, which have come under attack many times for being confusing, ever-mutating and self-serving. Facebook’s privacy controls remain difficult to navigate, despite efforts at simplification.For the Uninitiated Facebook's privacy Policy in terms of words is even bigger than " the American Constitution ( 5380 as compared to  US Constitution which   has 4543 word counts Source:Nytimes )To manage your privacy on Facebook, you will need to navigate through 50 settings with more than 170 options

So what’s different about Google+’s privacy policy?

For one, it’s much shorter — just a sentence or two past 1,000 words. That, however, can be a little deceiving because Facebook’s policy covers all of its services, while Google+’s version has links to its other privacy policies, including ones for Google generally and the +1 button specifically.