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August 20, 2011

The $50 Billion Online Advertising Market

The online ad market is poised to grow by $50 billion as advertisers shift their money from offline to online, argues Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker.
Below, you can see her charting out why she thinks it's going to happen. She says the time spent on the web is "out of whack" with the amount of money spent on online advertising.
Too much money is spent on print and TV. People spend more and more time online. Soon, the ad dollars will follow people to the web.

According to (via CNBC) Facebook is paying the highest base salary in the tech world on average for engineers. Even when factoring in bonuses, Facebook still pays the most.

Facebook's base salary is $110,500 on average for software engineers. Next closest is Cisco with $105,720. Google is fifth with $98,814. But, throw in the bonus and Google is second best paying.

Facebook might be serving up more display ads than anyone else, but it's getting a pretty crummy rate for all of those impressions. As you can see in this chart from Mary Meeker's presentation on the state of the Internet, social networking gets the weakest CPM