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August 16, 2011

Google Motorola Acquisition : What Google Stands To Gain

Post The Google Motorola deal what does Google stand to get.If you think this is only about "Patents War"you cannot get more wrong.The real  deal  is about Google's also getting a massive, low-margin, commodity hardware business that owns factories and distribution facilities around the globe.

  • Google stands to gain factories, assembly line which is something Google has never specialised in How many factories? Where are they located? And what other stuff is Google getting? And where?Here are some details from a recent SEC filing which was posted by Businessinsider.
  • Motorola Mobility’s principal executive offices are currently located at 600 N. U.S. Highway 45, Libertyville, Illinois 60048.
  • Motorola Mobility also operates manufacturing facilities, research and development, administrative and sales offices in other U.S. locations and in many other countries... Motorola Mobility owns eight facilities (manufacturing, sales, service and offices), five of which are located in the Americas Region (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America) and three of which are located in other countries.

    Motorola Mobility leases 91 facilities, 36 of which are located in the Americas Region and 55 of which are located in other countries.
    Motorola Mobility currently has 19,000. Add that to Google's current roster of 30,000 employees.That’s about a 60% increase.
  • Motorola Mobility owns three major facilities for the manufacturing and distribution of its products. These facilities are located in: Tianjin, China; Hsin Tien, Taiwan; and Jaguariuna, Brazil.
  • A substantial portion of Motorola Mobility’s products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, and Brazil, either in our own facilities or in the facilities of third-parties who manufacture and assemble products for us. If manufacturing in the region or by the small number of third-party suppliers and manufacturers who make a significant portion of our products were disrupted, Motorola Mobility’s overall production capacity could be significantly reduced.