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August 8, 2011

Internet Demographics: 2000 Vs 2010: Infographics

The first Infographic is from io9 comparing demographics, technology, environment and entertainment statistics from the year 2000 vs. 2010. Some truly amazing numbers such as:
  • 900 million people more in 2010
  • 1.6 billion more people on the internet in 2010
  • Nearly 5 billion more mobile subscriptions in 2010  and 100 million less movie tickets sold globally in 201

    The second Infographic is from io9 which shows how  users demographic have changed

    A recent survey conducted by Pew Internet revealed that the average age of a user of social networking sites is 38, a big increase from the average age of 33 just three years ago. To boot, over half of all adult Internet users are now over the age of 35. 
    The data is very consistent with the latest U.S. Census Bureau brief that shows seniors are growing faster than younger populations, contributing to the rise in the median age to 37 in 2010 in most U.S. states.