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August 17, 2011

Motorola Timeline : From a Hardware Giant To Search Bot

Google Inc's purchase of Motorola Mobility marks the end of its 81-year story including its invention of the cellphone in the 1970s, its spectacular success with the Razr phone a few years ago, and then its slide into crisis and now its takeover.Here is the Timeline of how The Search Giant Google and Motorola fared as individual companies along with their Timeline. Special thanks to Reuters
1928: Galvin family establishes Galvin Manufacturing. Its first product was a power converter.
1930: Changes name to Motorola.Three generations of Galvins lead Motorola until Christopher Galvin's 2004 ouster.
1973:Motorola's Martin Cooper makes the first mobile phone call on a prototype of DynaTAC.
1984:DynaTAC becomes commercially available. It is later known as the "brick" when surpassed by lighter, smaller phones.
1989:Launches MicroTAC, its first flip-phone, which has a plastic cover that flips open to reveal its keypad.
1994: Motorola dominates global cell market with a 32.5 pct share, versus Nokia's 21 pct, according to Gartner.
1996: Motorola Launches StarTAC, the first of its signature clamshell phone range with a lid that hinges open.
2000: Motorola's market share is 13 percent vs Nokia's 31 percent, and it hovers in the mid-teen range for years.
2004: Motorola launches Razr,an ultra-thin phone that becomes a design icon with 500 million Razr phones.In 2006,market gets saturated with Razrs and by year-end it is being given away for free.Motorola market share peaks around 23 percent.
2007:Activist investor Carl Icahn starts pushing Motorola to split up, buy back shares and fire its CEO. Apple Inc sells first iPhone. Motorola ends year with 9 percent share.
2008: Greg Brown replaces Zander as CEO. Motorola posts a loss for three out of four quarters of that year.

October 2008: New Co-CEO Sanjay Jha reveals plan to bet future entirely on Google's Android platform. Cuts thousands of jobs. Motorola ends year with less than 7 percent share.

November 2009: Motorola unveils first Android phone with Verizon Wireless kick-starting the successful Droid brand.

January 2011: Motorola Inc is split into Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility. Announces plan to launch first tablet based on Android to compete with Apple's iPad

July 28 2011:Motorola delays new products until September. Ends second quarter with a 2.9 percent market share.

Aug 15 2011:Google announces deal to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

Market share data from Gartner and Strategy Analytics ( source  Reuters)