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August 18, 2011

Online Retail Sites :Global Usage and Response Times : 2011 Vs 2010

A recent ComScore report analyzed some of the largest global retail and auction sites with a specific look at how these sites are penetrating various geographic regions. Among destinations included in the study, Amazon Sites and Worldwide Sites showed more globally distributed audiences compared to most other brands in the study. Amazon Sites attracted 35.4% of its audience from North America, while Europe contributed 31.8% of visitors and Asia Pacific accounted for 24.1%. Similarly, Worldwide Sites attracted 32.0% of its visitors from North America, while Europe contributed 29.6% of visitors and Asia Pacific accounted for 24.9%.

On the other hand, China’s Corporation (85.7% and Japan’s Rakuten, Inc. (72.7%) reach sourced the vast majority of their traffic from the Asia Pacific region. Of the 10 selected sites, Mercado Libre showed the strongest concentration of visitors from a single region with 93.3% of its audience from Latin America, where it ranked as the top retail player in the region.

In 2010 Retail sites were most popular among Canadians in Q3 2010, reaching 89 percent of Canada’s online audience. United Kingdom closely followed with an 88-percent reach and United States came in third with 86 percent.