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August 22, 2011

Small Business: 10 Statistics On Social Media Usage

This infographic published by CreditDonkey shows how small businesses are utilizing social media to build brand awareness. The data shows that 35 percent of small business owners have a Facebook page, 18 percent have a LinkedIn profile and 10 percent have a Twitter account. Only 10 percent of companies have a blog.
The amount that small business owners update their profile greatly varies as well. According to the infographic, 69 percent of small business owners regularly update their profile, 57 percent actively build networks within social media sites and 54 percent keep tabs on customer feedback by using their social networks. Overall, the largest reason for using social media is as a marketing tool to identify and attract new customers.


Erick Hagstrom said...
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Erick Hagstrom said...

What an awesome graphic! I especially love the 11 steps for using social media for business.

Using social media is a no brainer. It's not a question of "what do I do with it" anymore. The question now is, "Do I want to be where my customers are?". Do you want all of those eyeballs on your message? I want them on mine.

Get active now before your competition gets an unassailable head start.

Erick G. Hagstrom
Hagstrom Media
609 15th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(571) 748-9609

Corsley said...

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astrella said...

I think it's awesome to help small business find the least expensive way to do things. I try to point people to "do-it-yourself" ways too, because small business owners take, well, ownership, of their online presence.

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Black Smart Business said...

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Jovy said...

With this excellent information you provided in this post, I'm sure many small business owners will find great success.

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Debra Mennins said...

There are many seo reseller companies out there that take advantage of the facts published in the infographic. Aside from that, small businesses also have to target their local search results to really test the data in the infographic before moving on to the big leagues.

Alicia Sanders said...

Being closer to customers means having an advantage to listen to what they think about the services different companies have to offer. For a customer it also means a lot as he/she can be heard. And of course let's not forget about the new ideas clients can share via social media. And we all know that good idea maybe lead to an amazing result. I personally like that smart people created cash loans online . It's a huge industry now, but one day it was only somebody's idea

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