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August 20, 2011

State Of Online marketplace in India: 2011 ComScore Report

Indian State of Internet ,2011

  • Population of users sharing internet or accessing from Internet cafĂ©’s is 35 million in India which is comparable to around 43 million of the people working from home/office.
  • The average internet usage per person in India (in hours) is 12.5 which is the least if compared to other countries of the same web population but is expected  to improve with better connectivity.
  • Males spend more time online than females in most age groups. Interestingly in the 35-44 years age group women in India lead internet consumption over men (13.3 Female vs. 11.6 Male)
  • Reach of key categories on web in India – Search (87%), Social Networking (85%), E-mail (78%), News (58%), and Education (41%)
  • A growth of 16% can be seen in Social Networking usage in India (from 73% in 2010 to 85% in 2011)
  • Facebook’s popularity among Indian online users is at a high with around 31.5 million users, double of what it was in 2010.
  • On the other hand, email usage has remained the same since a year at 78%.