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August 27, 2011

Technology Usage among Genders : Tablets Vs eReaders

The above Inneractive released an infographic that broke down the differences between men and women when it comes to mobile use. It noted that the top apps for women are social and entertainment apps and the most popular apps among men are sports and arcade apps.

Demographics of tablet and e-reader ownership are changing. According to Nielsen’s second quarter data, a majority of e-reader owners are women while men tend to prefer tablets.In the U.S., as recently as last Summer, tablet and eReader owners tended to be male and on the younger side. But according to Nielsen’s latest, quarterly survey of mobile connected device owners, this is no longer the case.

Back in Q3 2010, for example, 62 percent of tablet owners were under the age of 34 and only 10 percent were over the age of 55. By Q2 2011, only 46 percent of tablet owners were under the age of 34 and the percentage of those over 55 had increased to 19 percent.

E-reader owners are 61 percent female, up from 46 percent in the third quarter of 2010. Men comprise 57 of percent tablet owners, a slight decrease from 61 percent in Q3 2010.  Smartphone ownership, however, is equally split, Nielsen said.

Looking at the data by gender underlines key changes in the eReader category. Sixty-one percent of all eReader owners are now female, compared to a mere 46 percent in Q3 2010. (Smartphone owners are now evenly split between male and female and tablets remain primarily male.)