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August 4, 2011

The United States of SmartPhones: Life Without Mobile

It’s no secret how much most people are attached to their cellphones, but now TeleNav has released a survey showing just how willing Americans are to give up the finer things in life so they can still hang onto that handset. .

While there might be some differences in what people thought during the survey  and what they could be doing in reality, we all know how much we hate to live without apps, Facebook and  Games, but giving up your social life  for the sake of that gadget .. isn't this taking things too far..Well here are some indicators..  and some findings  which will provide enough fodder on  how much you are willing to go for that SmartPhone . What would you be more willing to give up so you could still have your mobile phone?

This infographic  provides some insights into mobile-device love, and also it shows  which activities  and  priorities  are most important to us . For instance, one third of the U.S. population would rather give up sex for a week than a mobile phone, but 70% were willing to give up alcohol for that phone?

 One of  the finding includes " smartphone users had worse manners than their cellphone counterparts, with 26% of smartphone users frequently pulling out their handset at the dinner table, compared with 6% of cellphone (“featurephone”) users?