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August 18, 2011

What Wireless Service Providers Wont Tell You : Infographic

According to ClickFox, a customer experience analytics company, Android and Blackberry phones require a lot more handholding by wireless companies than iPhones. Based on an analysis of more than 250 million wireless subscribers in the U.S., the costs are about $4 more per subscriber annually.
The explosion of smartphones has revolutionized the wireless world in recent years, serving as an invaluable additional revenue stream for telecom companies while offering consumers dramatically advanced user experiences and convenience. Smartphone data plans increase monthly service bills by $10-$20 per customer, improving the bottom line for wireless companies by billions annually. However, technological advances like these often mean an increased demand for customer support and service for consumers adoption and maintenance.
ClickFox says that at one provider, customers were 36.5% more likely to transfer due to handset questions, and Android users were 76.7% more likely to transfer. Repeat call rates were also lower for iPhone users. Within 24 hours, ClickFox found that 30.55% of users were likely to call back, versus 29.46% for RIM, and 28.88% for iOS. Again, these are fairly small margins – but tend to add up in aggregate. When you have millions of customers, the small percentages matter.