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September 30, 2011

Google Marketshare Comparison : Search vs Mobile

Google Powered Search and Android Powered Mobiles , are  both Google's Platform . While Google search has  lived up its reputation as the Numero Uno in Search Engine, The Android Platform just about 2 years old has come with will all guns blazing

Google has just 65% of the search market in the US despite being the best known search engine. in just over 2 years and if  the Android continues at its current pace, then it would be at 65% in the US in a year.
But will  Google  be able to "Sustain the Android Growth story ? Likely or Unlikely depending on which way you think, Apple and Microsoft are both twice bitten, once shy and  are still charging hard in the smartphone market. RIM is in decline, but it won't just disappear. iOS, used by iPhone,iPad users  wont go away in a hurry, without a fight, and in some countries  the iOS is running almost parallel to Android in terms of Growth

The Above charts show how Android is Poised for growth . Whether Android will   follow  the "  Google Powered Search Story"  with a 65% marketshare .. That only time will  tell