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September 7, 2011

Mobile Data Services Revenue: Global Comparison

Informa Telecoms & Media estimates that the global mobile data services market , including mobile advertising, was worth U.S. $224 billion in 2010. Over the next four years the market will increase to U.S. $340 billion in 2014. With limited growth prospects in developed countries, the emerging markets represent high growth areas and are becoming a key focus for the mobile industry including: mobile operators, handset manufacturers, infrastructure vendors, as well as the data services platform, advertising and technology vendors .

China and India had nearly 334 million mobile Internet users by the end of 2010, Informa believes that this number will grow to around 730 million mobile Internet users by 2014. This shows the huge potential for mobile Internet advertising growth in the Asia Pacific developing region.

According to  Informa Telecoms & Media indicates that these 15 emerging markets generated around 30% of mobile data services revenues in 2010, globally. With the revenue contribution expected to continue increasing over the next four years. In 2014, these 15 markets are expected to account for close to 36% of the global mobile data services revenues.The key driver of mobile data services growth in emerging markets is the increasing availability of low-cost feature-rich mobile phones. Mobile Internet and multimedia-capable handsets are now available for under U.S. $50 in most emerging markets. When we combine low fixed-Internet penetration with availability of these low-cost Internet-capable devices, strong adoption and increased usage of mobile data services, the logical outcome fuels the underlying growth that is projected in these developing economies

FIFTEEN EMERGING MARKETS HAVE SIGNIFICANT SCALE IN MOBILE :Today fifteen emerging markets account for more mobile subscriptions than the rest of the world combined and this trend will continue over the next five years. These markets are China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Due to the sheer volume of mobile subscriptions in these markets, and continuing mobile penetration, they offer substantial investment opportunities for the telecom and advertising industries