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September 24, 2011

Techology Adoption in Philippines: Social Media Vs Mobile Web

According To, the Philippines has the fifth "most engaged social networking audience" in the world and the  highest social networking usage in the Asia-Pacific region with more than 90% of its entire Web population visiting a social networking site during  2010, followed by Australia (89.6% penetration) and Indonesia (88.6% penetration).
In 2011, April, according to Comscore  92.9 percent of its online population  was visiting in February 2011. At present, the Philippines continues to hold the top spot for Facebook penetration and also ranks highest in share of time spent on social networking properties across the world, making it the most social media-addicted market globally.

 Of the total time spent online in April 2011 by the Philippines’ online audience, 41.3 percent was spent on social networking sites. Russia and Venezuela followed closely, with a 39.7 percent and 33.2 percent  share of time spent on social networking, respectively.
"Social networkers in the Philippines also showed the highest level of engagement on social networking sites averaging 5.5 hours per visitor in February, with visitors frequenting the social networking category an average of 26 times during the month,

According to the study, Filipinos are the fifth heaviest users of social neworks in the world, with Pinoys spending an average of 6.2 hours logged in. In contrast, the worldwide average is just 4.5 hours.

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