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October 4, 2011

Apple Unveils iPhone 4S, New Voice Search and iOS 5

So  !! Its not a iPhone 5 after all. Its the iPhone 4s . Apple is following the  dictum .It ain't broke, don't fix it.That seems to be Apple's motto with the latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S.

Why did it take Apple this long to release the iPhone 4S?erhaps it's the new software. iOS 5 has a lot of neat features. None cooler than the Siri feature, which allows users to talk to their phone ( Business insider )

So  after all those hype and hoopla about the iphone 5 , Apple has launched  the iPhone 4S which will run on the same chip as iPad, that is A5.  Some details emerging out  as of now are

  • The iPhone 4S is said to have a battery life of 8 hours 3G talk time and can run 10 hours of video. 
  • The outside of the device is all the same, with a new A5 chip inside – that’s dual-core graphics for “7 time faster [performance] than in the previous iPhone.” 
  • To show off this new device, Mike Capps of Epic Games was called on stage to show off one of the most awesome games of all time: Infinity Blade. Here they show the newest installment, Infinity Blade 2 as played on the iPhone 4S. 
  • The new iPhone is expected to have a number of changes, the biggest of which will likely be under the hood: the inclusion of Apple's latest iOS mobile software, iOS 5, which has been slated for release this fall. 
  • iOS 5 will include things such as wireless device setup and content syncing, and beefed-up camera, email and Web-browsing apps.
  •  A new service called iMessage will allow iOS 5 users to send text messages to each other over Wi-Fi or wireless carriers' data networks, while a folder called Newsstand will corral newspaper and magazine app subscriptions in one place to make it easier to find them. 
  • Another new feature  at  iPhone event today was a built-in voice recognition app — a "personal assistant" as they call it — named Siri. You can do things like ask about the weather or search Yelp for a nearby restaurant listing.