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October 9, 2011

How iPhone 5 Rumors Might Affect iPhone 4s Sales

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United  States  Mobile OS Marketshare  August, 2011 ( comscore Mobilens  report

Numbers Analysts had  predicted before iPhone 5  ( 4s ) launch
The iPhone 5 has had an "unprecedented demand" ever since news of its upcoming release first broke.Countless rumors and projections about the smartphone have circled ever since.Many reports suggested that  Apple will ship 84 million iPhones in 2011 and 27 percent more in 2012, which will equate to approximately 107 million handsets sold between now and the end of 2012.

However   today apple finds itself in a position  where they are not sure is the iPhone 4s would be accepted in the same fervour as its first launch. iPhone 4 sold a whopping 1.7 million handsets in just three days after its June 24, 2010 release and  many had expected the iPhone 5 to easily break that record.
While its too early to suggest that the iPhone 4s sales have not been steady. However there are still many consumers who don't have the iPhone experience, and Apple still has a lot of markets and carriers to enter, so when there's a new model with better specs, it helps to lift shipments. The iPhone 4S targets users who are expiring on their two-year 3GS contract. Apple has been very clever positioning iphone 4S and the cheaper versions of Iphone 4s.

They know the competition. More people are buying Android smartphones than iPhones. This is a fact and no one can argue against . According to recent estimates from comScore, Android’s U.S. market share is 41.8% to Apple’s 27%. In Europe, where Symbian still reigns, it’s 22.3% for Android vs. 20.3% for iPhone.
Worldwide, some analysts now think Android as having nearly 50% of the smartphone market. So will they reach this number : Apple to Sell 107M Handsets by 2012?