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October 16, 2011

How Privacy Concerns Can Close Down Facebook

ddramaFacebook Failures [ Facebook Infographic ]
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In some ways, this infographic, designed by SEO marketer WordStream, comes across as a bit of dramatic and rather prematurely  harsh.However this infographic needs to be seen in the light of parivacy issue controversy, rather than The " End of  Facebook.

Silicon Valley celebrates success, but it generally does not excoriate failures. Google exemplifies this, launching Google Buzz and Google Wave, then winding each down when they failed . Facebook  too has had its share of its controversies  of Controversies and wrong timing.

As PCMag  is dead right when its sayThat th difference between Google and Facebook  is that  Google rarely fails to execute in its core business, search and advertising. If Google does fail, it often does so in expanding away from search, like Social Media, rather than radically revamping it"

Facebook, which has remained focused on its social network and graph, fails more spectacularly, often irritating quite literally millions of people, which still make up a small percentage of its nearly 800 million users. But both companies have been taken to task on matters of privacy, because of the extensive reach of both companies. And, of course, some interpretations are subjective: many saw Facebook's recent Timeline upgrade and Ticker as positives.