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October 12, 2011

iOS Driving 59% Non PC, US Traffic, with Tablets forming 28%

Android OS ranked second delivering 31.9% of overall non-computer traffic in August. RIM followed with a 5.0% market share. Other platforms, including Windows Mobile, combined to account for the remaining 4.6% of digital traffic.

In August 2011, the iOS platform accounted for more than half (58.5%) of the share of total non-computer Internet traffic measured through browser-based page views in the U.S, with the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market  being clearly established as  the iPad delivered 97.2% of all tablet traffic and even edged out iPhones in delivering the highest share of traffic for the iOS platform (46.8% vs. 42.6% of iOS traffic).

The percentage of that traffic driven by tablets has risen from little more than 20 percent to nearly 30 percent. In May 2011, 22.5 percent of non-computer traffic came from tablets. By August 2011 that figure had grown to 28.1 percent,eating into the share of traffic garnered by mobile devices and other web-enabled devices. 

Mobile, which continues to contribute the highest percentage of traffic among non-computer devices, showed a 3.8-percentage point decrease in its share of non-computer traffic since May 2011.