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October 10, 2011

The Truth About "Samsung Made iPhone 4"

Samsung may manufacture the chips in your iPhone 4, but some might not know that 26% of Apple’s iPhone is composed of Samsung parts. The Economist took an updated teardown provided by iSuppli and turned it into the nifty infographic below. Turns out, 26 percent of the bill of materials for the iPhone 4 went straight to Samsung

Apple  doesn't make the iPhone itself. It neither manufactures the components nor assembles them into a finished product. The components come from a variety of suppliers and the assembly is done by Foxconn, a Taiwanese firm, at its plant in Shenzhen, China. The “teardown” graphic above shows  that "Samsung Manufactured components "account for 26% of the iPhone 

Samsung turns out to be a particularly important supplier. It provides some of the phone's most important components: the flash memory that holds the phone's apps, music and operating software; the working memory, or DRAM; and the applications processor that makes the whole thing work. 

The Above chart shows How the Mobile Companies are fighting over lawsuits, and the irony of these patents war  is that some companies are   manufacturing components  for their competitors. These patents have practically turned into weapons in the warzone that is now the mobile industry. It seems like everyone is suing everyone — 
Thanks to Reuters  for creating a  chart for  us to understand