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November 28, 2011

14 iPads Sold per Hour, as Black Friday Sales Grow by 26%

According to  Research Analyst PiperJaffray's Gene Munster 
·         In eight hours, he (or his team) watched iPads and Macs walk out the door at the rate of 14.8 and 10.1 per hour, respectively.
·         The 68% increase in iPad sales from 2010 he observed is lower than the 84% annual growth he's predicting for the quarter. He expects iPad sales overseas to make up the difference.
·         The 23% increase in Mac sales he observed is in line both with the 25% he's predicting for the quarter and with the 19% increase NPD reported for the first month of the quarter.

This Black Friday Sales For Apple has seen a Historic High  as Apple sales broke all records this Black Friday, 9to5Mac reports.Apple’s internal sales  forecast for Black Friday sales  was four times more than normal; according to 9to5Mac’s source, Apple broke that forecast by 7pm this yea
According to ComScore data this year's Black Friday saw $816 million in on-line sales against the $648 million of last year, a rather large, 26 per cent increase; significant as 2009 to 2010, the year before, saw an increase of only nine per cent. Among Apple products ,MacBook Air sales were reportedly particularly good. Apple had offered a $101 discount for MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air this year.According to comScore, Apple was the 5th most-visited online retail store on Black Friday, behind Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target.
 The most popular e-tailing site was Amazon, followed by Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Apple, Mobile traffic has seen the sharpest rise, up from 5.6 per cent in 2010 to 14.3 per cent this year, an increase of over 150 per cent. Betting On the Growth of Mobile Traffic this Holiday season  opened  pop-up stores with QR barcodes for mobile purchases?

Data from  comScore, Black Friday saw $816 million in online sales, a 26-percent increase over last year. IBM’s datafrom suggests a similar surge, with Black Friday online sales rising 24.3% compared to last year.