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November 23, 2011

Canada Ecommerce Tops $15 billion

Online shoppers in Canada last year spent C$15.30 billion (US$15.02 billion) on  Internet shopping, according to a report from Statistics Canada.The 2010 web spending figures for Canada represent 1.3% increase over the C$15.10 billion (US$14.82 billion) reported for 2009, 

The report was based on data  from 30,700 households and 22,623  consumers.

 Top 10 Insights On Canada Ecommerce
  •  51% of web users in Canada used the Internet to order products or services in 2010.
  • In terms of actual numbers Canadian consumers placed 114 million web orders; on average, consumers made 10 web orders during 2010, with an average total order value of $1,362 per consumer.

  • 83% of Shoppers in Canada  placed orders with e-commerce operators

  • 60% of respondents ordered via merchants and  affiliates  providers in the United States, while 18% placed orders with companies located in other countries.

  • 89% of the shoppers used credit cards to pay for online orders, while 31% used an online payment service. Consumers could give more than one answer to these questions.

  • 74%  Internet users in Canada shopped online, or researched information on goods or services, without necessarily placing an order

  • Users who did not shop online, 32% cited lack of interest, 26% said they liked to shop at stores, and 19% worried about online security