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November 16, 2011

Mobile Retail To Grow 50% To Reach $15 billion in 2012

 The  chart above shows the Growth of Smartphone across geographies. In the years to come its the Mobile   which will be the the New Face of Shopping.
The Changing   Computing Landscape shown as a timescale .Note how traditional   IT Channels ..adoption rates come down as more users embrace the Mobile Web.
The Chart above shows  the Growth of Global Mobile Advertising , including Mobile Apps   which are expected to grow by 17 times in the mext three years ( Mary Meeker Presentation ) 

A new report from Juniper Research has  predicted that "Mobile retail marketing" will reach $15 billion globally by 2012 as digital adspend  moves to mobile and mobile coupons gain acceptance. This is a growth of 50% over 2011.
The report found that the smartphone, and more recently the tablet, has increased the capabilities of both the modern shopper and the mobile retail marketer.  Brands will need to  cater to the new age distribution channels as more users get online  to transact via hand held Gadgets., SmartPhones and Tablets.

The traditional boundaries between physical (‘bricks and mortar') retailing and online retailing are blurring as mobile bridges the gap; fundamentally disrupting the ecosystem with a new breed of ‘clicks and mortar' retailing initiatives emerging.

Some 0ther findings from the report include:

·         Mobile POS technology and NFC  Proximity Marketing are areas of rapid innovation.

·         Mobile retail marketing spend in North America and Western Europe is accelerating faster than in the Far East and China. 

Source :Juniper Research