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December 23, 2011

Apple Online Traffic Exceeds Walmart in 2011

 Walmart and Apple .. How does the double powerhouse perform in terms of  online metrics ? Would it be  possible that the technology maker can trump the world's-largest retailer online? The Answer is a big  Yes ,because of iTunes. According  to advertising Age Apple got more traffic online last month than Walmart Stores. In fact, Apple is the only retailer other than Amazon and eBay in the top 15 most-visited websites in the U.S. in November, according to ComScore.

The digital-content store made up about 30% of Apple's more than 79 million in U.S. unique visitors last month. Apple gets almost as many web visitors as the largest newspaper site, that of The New York Times.

Huge iTunes traffic  helps  publishers generate  leads to sell their products online. Digital content, which includes books, music and TV shows, is the fastest-growing e-commerce category by sales this holiday shopping season, ComScore  reports that overall e-commerce sales are up about 15% from last year, but digital-content sales growth is double that.