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December 2, 2011

Mobile CTR Increase by 51% in 2011

 Mobile Email Click Activity by Operating System

 Mobile Email Open rate Android vs  iPad

Mobile Email Open rate  iPhone Vs Blackberry

It is clear in every  data shown in the chart above that  the number of clicks for BlackBerry users far exceeds the number of measured opens.

Breaking down the mobile email opens data by industry segment  are as follows

Categories such as B2B (6.77%, up from 3.03%)
Cable & Telcom (20.42%, up from 12.03%),
Consumer Services (30.49%, up from 15.61%) 
Entertainment (21.41%, up from 7.63%) saw significant increases in mobile open rates, some with more than 100% increase in mobile opens when compared to the last quarter of 2010

Mobile  CTR vs Desktop CTR

In the first half of 2011, share of all email opens occurring on mobile devices in the first half of this year was 20.24%, compared to 13.36% for Q4 of 2010. This represents a 51% increase in mobile open rates in just a few months. This  research data conducted by Knotice  and was
based on a composite cross sampling of  approximately 701 million emails sent across 11 industry.

Source :  Mobile Email Opens Report  First Half 2011 ,Knotice
November 2011