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January 9, 2012

Amazon Kindle Set For iPad Invasion in 2012

The Journey of Amazon
The Journey of Amazon by Infographiclabs

If  media reports  are anything to go by   The “Kindle numbers” from Amazon has blown away  Customers, analysts and the company itself . Post the Kindle launch in 2011, October, According to Amazon,  it’s the bestselling product across all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks.An internal  memo from Amazon, has  indicated that its Kindle Fire was selling very, very well and  Amazon Kindle Fire  was sold to  over 1 million people , who bought the 7-inch tablet instead of iPad 

Projections from Barclays predicts  that Amazon Kindle has  sold 5.5 million units last quarter, up from  an estimated 4.5 million kindles
 and  its Black Friday,2011  sales were up 4times  compared to last year .

Goldman Sachs estimates that  
Amazon could sell 14 million total units in the fourth quarter including 6 million Kindle Fires. Barclay expects  Amazon  to sell 18.4 million Kindle Fires in , which would give it nearly 50% of non-iPad tablet market.

In comparing the  iPad Tablet and  Amazon’s  Kindle, its important to remember that  unlike Apple, which sells media and apps via iTunes to help support its devices sales, Amazon is approaching this from the opposite direction. It wants people to buy its devices so they’ll be more likely to buy other stuff. Thanks to its affordable price - $199, the Kindle Fire has become the most popular gift for families and friends, especially in the holiday season.