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January 20, 2012

Apple iPad Sales To Cross 48 Million in 2012

iPad is the only tablet that matters right now, according to this chart provided by comScore. It says the iPad has over 95.5% of all tablet traffic on the web. (And for what it's worth, IOS is 38.5% of all mobile traffic.)

The above chart  via businessinsider shows unit sales of each products in the first six quarters after launch. The iPhone launched in June 2007, but didn't really take off until the iPhone 3G launched in July 2008, five quarters later.

According to the latest projection by All Things Digital that they are not only predicting 48 million iPad shipments for 2012, but that that number "could turn out conservative."
Apple sold roughly 38.06 million iPads last calendar year (25.06 million between Q1 and Q3, 13 million estimated for Q4). If it can sell 48 million iPads in 2012, it makes for a nice 26% increase.
2012 will also  perhaps see the launch of a somewhat very different  and new feature rich iPad 3, there had been a lot of unconfirmed new offerings reported  in the iPad 3 -- a much faster quad-core processor, Siri capabilities, a higher quality display with twice the pixel density, and super-fast 4G LTE connectivity.
If Apple can deliver on enough of these improvements, it'll be enough t for users who are “ unsure on  and fence-sitters into choosing between an iPad or any other tablet.