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January 11, 2012

Mobile OS Marketshare in Argentina :Android Vs Symbian

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Argentina Mobile OS Market Share

Argentina Mobile OS Marketshare was led by Symbian and Android  and the above data shows how  Android has managed  to wrest  the market leader position  from Symbian in 2010 to Android in 2011 December 

Till end of 2010 Symbian had a comfortable marketshare in Argentina , however September and October  2011 saw Android  marketshare increase  from  30%,  to 43% in November, 2011, as Symbian continued to decline .Till 2011 December, Android with 44%  dominated the Mobile OS market followed by Symbian with  32% and the third place is taken by iOS with 12%

source : Estimates based on Global Statscounter data