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February 15, 2012

Comparison By Country :Online Advertising CTR

According to an Double click data on an  average, a rich Media ads produce a .10% click-through rate. To enhance click-throughresults, advertisers can make a few simple creative choices.

Double Click data shows that larger creative sizes tend to produce higher click-through rates. Consider using creativesizes such as the half page ad, large rectangle or medium rectangle to get the best CTR ( source  )

Source : Comscore

Campaign performance can be measured against industry benchmarks for click-through rates.The above chart shows that advertisers  can aim to get a CTR  between a 0.06% and 0.17% CTR rate depending on the industry. A good measure of success is to beat the industry benchmark forclick-through rate. For example, a CPG campaign should aim to get a click-through rate above .11%.