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February 4, 2012

Global Smartphone Sales outpace PC, grow 63% to reach 480 Million Units


The Mobile Revolution  has truly and  completely arrived . Smartphones has for the first time in  the history of technology outpaced and outgrown the According to data released last Friday by market analyst firm Canalsys. Nearly 488 million smartphones were shipped, compared to 415 million PCs throughout 2011

Vendors shipped 488 million smart phones in 2011, compared to 415 million client PCs
Apple was the leading smart phone vendor in 2011, following record Q4 shipments

However The global PC market grew 15% in 2011, Canalsys says — almost entirely because of the 274% increase in tablet sales, which itself is largely due to the iPad. (Canalsys counts the tablet as a PC, which is not exactly a settled point).
Vendors shipped 158.5 million smart phones in Q4 2011, up 57% on the 101.2 million units shipped in Q4 2010. This bumper quarter took total global shipments for the whole of 2011 to 487.7 million units, up 63% on the 299.7 million smart phones shipped throughout 2010. By comparison, the global client PC market grew 15% in 2011 to 414.6 million units, with 274% growth in pad shipments. Pads accounted for 15% of all client PC shipments in 2011.

The Smartphone numbers in 2011,  were simply incredible,  and  the  world has never before   witnessed  such a  “consumer Electronic device” which  has been adopted as such scorching pace . It goes without saying, that Apple’ IPad has been a game  changer and a precursor to the Rise of Smartphones worldwide
Nokia’s record was 28 million smartphones shipped in a quarter; Apple’s new record, set in Q4 of 2011, is 38 million

According to the report  The Smart phone market  growth will be slow in 2012 as vendors exercise greater cost control and discipline, and put more focus on profitability.