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February 27, 2012

Global Smartphone Shipments vs Share Prices:Nokia Vs HTC vs Apple

The above charts  from asymco shows the  the latest smartphone unit shipments in Q4,2011 and compares their performance across stock markets.

The blue line shows the absolute year-on-year quarterly growth based on reported numbers of smartphones shipped. The orange line represents how much faster (or slower) the company is growing relative to the market. If the orange line is above zero, the company gained share. If it’s below zero, it lost share.

As Smartphone data on Q4 ,2011 sales  startsshow Motorola, as part of a profit warning, revealed their Q4 smartphone shipments were 5.3 million. RIM had reported 14.1 million units (quarter ending November). HTC has also warned that their shipments of smartphones (and tablets) totaled 10 million. Samsung provided guidance on overall sales but since they don’t report data on smartphone (or phone) sales, the estimates are ranging between 32 and 35 million.
According to Strategy Analytics’s estimates, Samsung  sold 36.5 million smartphones into distribution channels in Q4 while ,Apple shipped 37 million smartphones last quarter, narrowly edged Samsung out of the top spot.