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February 9, 2012

Groupon's Q4 Sales up 194%, user base overtake 33 million

In its first quarter as a public company,
 Groupon on Wednesday posted a loss of $.08 per share, which sent the company’s stock sliding in after-hours trading.
Analysts  forecasted Groupon's   revenues to be  $473 million. Groupon beat the latter figure with sales of $506.5 million,  up 194% vs. the comparable period in 2010.
For the full year 2011, Groupon’s revenues jumped 419% to $1.6 billion vs. $312.9 million in 2010. The companies worldwide customer base grew to 33 million-plus, an increase of 275% for the year and more than 20% quarter over quarter. Active customers are defined as having purchased a Groupon in the previous 12 months.
  • Revenue of $506.5 million, up 194% year-over-year
  • Free Cash Flow of $155.1 million, up 258% year-over-year
  • Operating Income of $15.0 million, up from $336.1 million loss
  • Non-GAAP EPS of negative $0.02, including $0.07 of tax from international operations, up from negative $0.53
  • Active customers increase to over 33 million, up over 275% year-over-year
Groupon’s earnings come after the company’s valuation swelled to $18 billion after it went public on Nov. 4. The stock crashed later that month, falling below $17 — $3 less than its IPO price. Since then, the stock has recovered, topping $25 on Wednesday ahead of the announcement.

Industry sources however refuse to  " believe" Groupon story as a bubble, and point out that Groupon is probably the biggest  Daily Deal Business to who have matured and grown beyond the bubble ,Around  170 daily deals competitors shut down in 2011 and Groupon’s closest rival, LivingSocial, is one-sixth its size