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February 20, 2012

Social Media in Canada Trumps Traditional Media

Consumers in Canada prefer information from traditional sources over digital media when researching purchases

According to a emarketer, a recent online survey   of consumers aged betwenn 18 to 34 were approximately twice as likely as those ages 35 to 54 to trust social media sources for product information, according to a CCPRF press release.

Online’s growing influence among desirable demographics is driving investment. eMarketer estimated total media ad spending in Canada at $12.22 billion in 2011, with $2.57 billion going to online spending. And online spending is forecast to narrow the gap further; it will account for more than a quarter of all media ad spending by 2013.

Survey by the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms (CCPRF),internet users in Canada preferred product information from traditional media like newspapers (86%), TV (83%) and radio (78%) over digital media sources like blogs (29%), Facebook (21%) and Twitter (15%).