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February 16, 2012

South Korea and US to see 15% Penetration in Tablet and eReader by 2015

Bain & Company survey of almost 3,000 consumers across the US,Japan, Germany, France, UK and South Korea to  shows  consumption patterns of tablets and ereaders .

The adoption rates are projected to reach 15 percent to 20% f the population in developed countries. Korea tablet penetration is expected to rise  to 8% penetration by 2012 compared 1.5% in 2010, a growth of almost  300%, while  tablets and ereaders  penetration  would rise  11% by 2012 end, from 3% in 2010. US  tablet and ereaders  penetration would jump from 3% to 8% by 2012

source : Digital Publishing Era
Ereaders and Tablets penetration rate could reach higher levels if multipurpose tablets continue on their current trajectory. The United States and Korea are setting the pace and could see such penetration rates by 2015.