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March 4, 2012

27% Media Time Consumed by Mobile Devices,as TV takes a back seat

Recent InMobi   quarterly report on mobile media consumption,shows that Mobile Media interaction has zoomed ahead of conventional channels like TV and now its poised to equal online media in terms of time being spent on media consumption

 InMobi surveyed some 20,000 consumers using both feature phones and smartphones across 18 different markets and found that they are, on average, spending 27 percent of their time on the mobile web, while they are only spending 22 percent of their time watching TV. (We’re assuming that’s leisure time, not all time.) PC usage trumps them both, though: they spend 32 percent of their time online.
The findings call this “mobile web” usage, so that means if you factor in other kinds of content — for example videos or music on your handset — there’s a chance that the gap between traditional media like TV and new media like mobile and PC could be even bigger.
InMobi also found that the most-popular categories among mobile web users are social media, entertainment and search. That points to the fact that mobile is seeing very much a dual-track growth in terms of how it is used: it’s for fun, but for practical uses, too