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March 1, 2012

5 Years of Smartphone Adoption: Vendor Share 2007 to 2012

source : Asymco.

In 2007 the Global Mobile Markets had started  to mature as form and feature phones had mass usage and  smartphone adoption  at that time  was lead by Industry leader Nokia.Steve Jobs launched the  iPhone on June 3, 2007, History was just about to begin.

2008 saw the market for smartphones growing as Nokia continued their market leadership with RIM,HTC and Apple were trailing by a comfortable margin.Apple's iphone had just made history in 2008 as consumer flocked to get the latest "piece of gadget"

The 2009 saw the market for Smartphone starting to explode with RIM and Apple consolidating  their places to move closer to Nokia. Nokia continued to maintain their lead, but  failed to understand the coming " Technology distruption"as it continued to manufacture  feature phones while the markets were turning mature.

2010 saw the Smartphone revolution turning into a mass adoption as  new generation of smartphones were lapped up in the marketplace, as newer technology and Smartphone OS like Android  and iOS created a huge changed the markets forever

Samsung and Apple led the Smartphone Battle as Samsung's Galaxy S made history, while the web was inundated with  speculation on iPhone 5  launch rumors .As of December ,2011 Apple  and Samsung  together formed 63% of Smartphone market, Nokia 's no 1 position in Mobile sales which it maintained till 2008, was history while RIM managed to do everything . to sink themselves from one disaster to another.