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March 10, 2012

Why Developers Prefer iOS Platform than any other

Why App Developers Prefer iOS Over Android Infographic
Infographic by TechAhead

There are a lot of things that make Apple’s iOS a more attractive platform for development than Android. Better development tools, an installed user base that is more inclined to spend money on apps and the most popular App Store in the world, recently surpassing some 25B downloads.

But if there is one major plus to working within the Apple ecosystem, it’s the fact that its users adopt new versions of its operating system far more quickly.Developers Love iOS for A Lot of Reasons, This is One.: "ne of the most descriptive charts is this one, which dramatically demonstrates just how fast iOS adoption rates are when compared to Android. Look at the vertical shape of the iOS 5.x curve when compared to Gingerbread, Android’s latest version besides the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich, which doesn’t even register on this sc"