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April 29, 2012

HTC to launch a 5 inch Smartphone to take on Samsung's "Galaxy Note

Seemingly impressed by the success of Samsung's Galaxy Note, HTC is now seems to be readying a 5 inch smartphone which may be launched later this year.
Leaked information about Verizon's roadmap points out that : There is soon going to be a competitor to Samsungs Galaxy Note.  HTC is expected to launch  a “Galaxy  Note” like device with 5-inch touchscreen supporting 1080p HD resolution. This handset will have quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with Adreno 320 graphics and feature HTC Sense 5.0 UI.

This has been revealed by the Verizon roadmap for the year 2012 that indicated an HTC smartphone with 5-inch full HD display, quad-core Qualcomm processor, HTC Sense 5.0 and Scribe technology support. Obviously these details  aren’t forthcoming at this stage

HTC plans to implement its Scribe technology which will enable users to make the best of the Magic Pen that was introduced with the HTC Flyer. Of course, we expect to see leaner version of the same Magic Pen. The 5-inch HTC phone-tablet will be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 'Krait' family mobile processor and will integrate Adreno 320 graphics.

With the highest quality graphics and quad-core mobile processor, this HTC phone-tablet note might turn to be bit expensive. HTC will also introduce its next generation HTC Sense 5.0 User interface with that phone-tablet.

Source: via Gwyn on Pinterest

The 5-inch form factor allows one to have a device which is a cross between a tablet and a smartphone and in the process allowing one to ditch the concept that they need two separate devices, which a certain brand seems to strongly advocate. 

HTC, in the recent past have successfully launched the One X, the world’s first quad-core smartphone and it has done quite impressively in the market as well