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April 11, 2012

Link Building for "Link Unfriendly Industry": Top 5 Tips

Link Evaluation Survey 2012 infographicBy Orange Line SEO

David Klein recently published   an infographic highlighting  how to benchmark your links for SE Optimization, Off page and Onpage search are both important, however link building involves off page optimization and David's 3 linkability tests will help you know if your link policy makes sense technically

Here are some metrics, and data points to refer, if you are not sure : about the linkability prospects

  • The strength of a link
      despite the shifts in link building practices, it is vital to assess a link from a strength point of view. This means utilising one or several or your preferred metrics, for us this is PageRank, mozRank and domain authority.
  • The quality of a site
     just what is a high-quality website? We assess a website based on the overall user experience and the apparent policies of the website being evaluated. This includes things like a suitable number of adverts relative to content, well-written and well-constructed pages, and ensuring the website doesn’t appear to be overtly flogging its sidebars or footers.
  • The relevance of that website
     some argue that the relevant link is a myth but we are still keen advocates of links making sense from a user’s perspective and that is the key to relevance. Obviously in some industries it is near on impossible to get links from directly relevant websites .. however the fact that "the link should be relevant from the industry, if not directly, maybe you can try the entire industry ecosystem, both back end as well as front end, try the  suppliers, your vendors, and OEM's distribution channel, if you are in the " Non Friendly" Link building industry