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May 10, 2012

The Emerging Mobile Display and Real Time Bidding Advertising:

Real Time Bidding is here to stay, and it is going to grow in importance over the coming years across Europe. The Pubmatic Ad Revenue Report (October 2011), forecasts significant growth across ad spend in Western Europe, with the

UK leading the way with an average growth rate of 40% over the next three years

The key drivers behind this growth can be broken down into two main categories: market acceptance, and data intensity. ‘Market Acceptance’ means that both premium publishers and brand advertisers are increasingly seeing the real time bidding market as a tangible alternative to network models.According to research  Premium publishers now understand that marketing their inventory over exchanges does not necessarily mean forgoing revenue. If advertisers are willing to pay £20 CPM privately, they will still be willing to pay this rate on exchanges.
 With more premium publishers entering the market, this has paved the way for a number of brand advertisers to enter RTB. Initially seen solely as a medium for direct response, advertisers are now increasingly seeing the potential for RTB in branding campaigns.