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May 21, 2012

Facebook Revenue grow 40%, in Q1,2012, as users exceed 900million

1.   Facebook  numbers pre IPO ( as around 26th Aoril,2012 )is now estimated to be over 900 million monthly active users and 526 daily active users, according to a new SEC filing with updated numbers from Q1. Here's a chart:

2.   Facebook’s Q1,2012 results show the following trends  ( source : Businessinsider)

3.   REVENUES ARE DOWN Q/Q, UP Y/Y: Q1 saw $1.06 billion revenues, up from $731 million the same quarter last year and down from $1.131 billion during Q4 2011. Seasonality is a factor here. Revenues also declined between these two quarters a year ago.

4.   PROFITS ARE DOWN: Q1 saw $205 million in net income, down from $233 million the same quarter last year and down from $302 million during Q4 2011.

5.   OPERATING INCOME DOWN: Q1 was $381 million versus $548 million in Q4 2011.

6.   Where did profits go? Cost of revenue went up to $277 million in the first quarter from $167 million during the same period last year. Marketing and sales went up to $159 million, up from $68 million a year ago. R&D went to $153 million, up from $57 million a year ago.

·    Facebook  buyout of Instagram cost the company  with $300 million in cash and 23 million shares;